Phone cam basement

Still though, it’s a really cool way to turn a phone into a tricorder.

There’s nothing more important than knowing that your home is safe and secure from threats.

The main plot quickly spins into motion as Chris and Rose set out on their trip, but in its first minutes has already established that Chris’s profession—he is basically a trained observer—will be crucial to the rest of the story.

When it comes to your family’s security, always trust your gut.

Another is to determine what are the most vulnerable spots on your property?

Still more questions to ask are do you have hidden or obscured entrances, windows or doors that would be particularly appealing to burglars?

In addition to residential phone service, Ooma also offers many add-on features to help make your home smart and secure.

These features include compatibility with Nest products, Internet security options, and now home security and monitoring services.

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