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Depending on how long you’ve been studying Japanese, your Interviewer will tailor the questions to suit your level.

Having a friendly nature and positive attitude is much more valuable for Resort jobs than your Japanese skill.

In short, The resorts pay us a fee to source staff.

As we get paid by resorts, we don’t receive any portion of your wages or charge you anything except the Transportation Fee of 10,000yen (which includes delivery to your resort, a full Orientation to prepare you for your experience, and delivery back to the city at the end of your contract).

We focus on the student’s interests and weak points to meet his/her individual needs. The only way to improve is by repetition of speaking and studying. However, lessons cancelled by the student with less than 24 hours’ prior notice will still be charged.

Lessons with a teacher would fulfill both of these speaking and studying requirements to improve your Japanese. Please let us know of any particular requests you may have. If we cancel a lesson, we will discuss an alternative time convenient to the student. If you live far from us, for example Chiba, Kansai, Hokkaido and even overseas, learn Japanese with us through Skype.

We can offer various kinds of courses to suit a student's needs.

For example, those who want to study Japanese for the first time, those who want to improve total communication in Japanese, those who require business Japanese, or those who want to pass JLPT. Japanese Language School, MLC Meguro Language Center is located three minutes' walk from Meguro station in Tokyo.

emojis, even if their explosion in popularity among English speakers only dates to October 2011, when Apple’s i OS 5 update bestowed the little icons upon millions of i Phones.Then we check your grammar level, speaking level and Kanji level.After the interview, we suggest the most suitable course and lesson plan for you.A Processing Fee of 50,000 yen is usually charged, but collected at the end of your contract to help minimize the financial burden on you.However, in appreciation for doing a good job, we completely waive the fee if you complete your contract.