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I am sad to report, the origin and definition of OH TAG is not included in this book.

Love her or hate her, no one can deny that Amy Dumas, better known to the wrestling public as Lita, left an indelible footprint within the history guides of WWE.

"The Reality of Amy Dumas" is simply another in a long line of WWE puff pieces on wrestlers in their company that littered the literary universe at the peak of WWE powers.

Those books generally tend to range from "Laughably horrible" (Chyna, Hardy Boyz) to "really good" (Foley's first, Edge's first). The reason it isn't, as to use the parlance of wrestling, the "drizzling shits" is because Amy is very forthcoming and seemingly honest. She had a great, supportive mother and a very distant father.

Matt was nineteen and Jeff was sixteen when both joined back in 1993.

It wasn't until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag team.

Being impressed with his magnificent announcing, he was also called to work on Velocity and Heat shows, and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) on the Sci-Fi Network.At an early age of sixteen, he was announced at a local professional wrestling promotion.He has worked as the announcer for the independent promotion House of Hardcore and also in WWE under its brands such as RAW, Smack Down, ECW, and Superstars.Now, Matt along with his brother Jeff now their own Myspace, along with other wrestlers such as Helms, Ashley Massaro and Mercury.The Hardy Boyz first started working for the WWF(E) not in the tag team division but in singles division as jobbers (a wrestler who "loses" more matches than winning).