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Our current number system assumes the long-standing Archimedean property: if a number is smaller than every other number, it must be zero. The idea should make sense: numbers should be zero or not-zero, right?

(Geniuses of the time thought negatives “wrapped around” after you passed infinity.) Infinitely small numbers face a similar predicament today: they’re new, challenge some long-held assumptions, and are considered “non-standard”. Negatives exist if you allow them and have consistent rules for their use.

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they aren’t saying “Hey, could you find the limit of a convergent series under the axioms of the real number system? Instead of bluntly offering technical definitions to satisfy some need for rigor, let’s allow ourselves to explore the question. is a tricky concept, and depends on what we allow a number to be. But the question is only simple because you’ve embraced the advanced idea of negatives: you’re ok with numbers being .

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