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Here are some of the advocates of the body positive movement: Anyone with a semblance of intelligence can tell that is is NOT good for you as a human being.

The truth about American women is they refuse to believe the negative health effects of extra body weight and its link to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and cancer. In case you didn’t know, the fatter you are, the sooner you will die.

Not to mention that the woman who had posted that status is plus-size, but has kids and is 43 years old.

Those are 3 strikes against a female when looking a suitable lover and potential long-term mate. A woman on the verge of infertility [menopause] does NOT and CANNOT wield the same influence in dating as a girl in her sexual prime!

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This post will either infuriate you or validate your personal experiences.

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Admin can tempt the vendors with the access of more assistance and better features with different membership plans. There are other perks- Vendors know the worth of a good marketplace.Personally, this article is constructed from pure facts, logic, data, and real life experience. The once decent dating marketplace, had become a wasteland.That being said, unless you live in a bubble, you will be validated in your personal experience. For the next 11 months I would navigate the culture and see what drastic changes had occurred. This is part 1 of a series describing what I have observed and the truth about American women: The most stunning statistic that reared it’s ugly head as I was living in Osaka, Japan dawned in 2015. The truth about American women is they now weigh as much as a man did in the 1960s. This is clearly unacceptable as it is bad for both your healthy and the economy of a nation. For comparison, in 2015 the average Japanese woman weighed 112lbs (51kgs).For most this is common sense, but for those who deny reality in this situation, soon will not experience reality but the eternal darkness of death.Whomever is behind this movement is truly evil and vile person. The truth about American women is that they have bought a lie that will cost them the ultimate price: death.