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Unfortunately, some of that optimism was misplaced.

There were a few realities that were waiting to hit me in the face…

In most cases, the answer is “yes.” But there are cases of wanton negligence and predatory opportunism by health care providers that could give even the most trusting patient a case of the health care heebie-jeebies. Arun Singhal was a general physician at a hospital in Liverpool, England.

Singhal’s response to Patient A was more becoming of a sadistic Internet troll than a licensed lifesaver.

He chided her as a “disgrace” of a patient and told the woman to “jolly well kill herself.” He even suggested that she consult the Internet for useful suicide tips.

After discovering that she lived close to the rape suspect’s brother, Patient A called Singhal for a sick note to absolve her from taking the stand.

Terrified, she also admitted to being on the verge of suicide and said that her antidepressants weren’t working.