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Carberry received an open race track when the yellow flag came out for Justin Whittall on lap nine. However the Snyder County pilot nearly gave the win away on several occasions when he jumpsed the cusion at both ends of the speedway.

Upon graduation Conrad was snapped up by the Sydney Theatre Company to play the role of "Stuey" in Tony Mc Namara's new play "The Recruit" alongside John Howard, Leanna Walsman and Brendan Cowell directed by Robin Nevin.During the final years of All Saints he also appeared in the Sydney Theatre Company 's production of "The Club" by David Williamson at the Sydney Opera House and in 2005 sang the principal role of "Lt Cable" in Roger and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" at the Theatre Royale.Home & Away had its best days in the mid 90's when they actually had good actors and a few decent storylines.What got you involved with Coca-Cola's "One Brand" Campaign?They came to me with the song ["Taste the Feeling"], and they liked my voice and they presented the idea, and Avicii came on board, and it just all kind of happened.