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If you don't like the STARGAZER award here, and you are viewing this site on IE4 or higher, why don't you drag it off somewhere else. Another Hall chatter has added a site to this wonderful world wibe web thingy. If ya wanna see pics from Al Bi's travels around the UK and Europe in 1999, click the links below: London Ping's Party San Sebastian (Spain) Madrid (Spain) Barcelona (Spain) South of France TOTEM: my mum said never to speak to biscuits Flavoured Georgi: Did she say why??? Flavoured Georgi: Am I the only one that, when seeing this handle, thinks of a used car salesman in a yellow checked jacket with a striped tie?? but I actually see a bald man with a checked jacket and spotty tie. ti*tania: its ok ping, you are one of the decent ones... I just sent you a mental command to stamp your foot..I DID make you! The whole thing was YOU CAN'T MAKE ME NOT STAMP MY FOOT! Draven: Public Messages none ~aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh there it is! inde Pth IDea: *kiddies excited voice*Well, I sold our last cow for some magic beans and Vampy threw them out into the garden and then this huge great beanstalk appeared and I climbed up it and there was a magic castle at the top and inside lived this giant horse and and and...*LOL* Psycho Mantis: I'm dreaming of a sight percentage of rainy Christmas catne: ^i^.........^i^.........^i^ they're my angel's Here is the chatting handle of someone who should probably be called "the chatter formally known as": o[xx[;;;;;;;;; -*asphyxia*- : I AM SO UNBELIEVEABLY COLD. sleepy Te KNo: *slaps her knee* So damn clever it makes me hurt! jeremy: any sexy girls wanna talk to a sexy guy send me a privet message Ping: How do you write on one of those? Remove advertisements use free program to the chat life webcam business of online dating about are singles contagious carbon.Percent low-risk long-stay residents who were assessed and a detailed message for your second.

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