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He managed to produce hip hop that was sweet (Sabra and Dominic's "Make It Work"), scary (Kayla and Jason's "They're Everywhere"), and stylish (the Matrix-y "Get Up" group routine).

Benji also discusses his past struggles with thoughts of suicide and even the idea of castrating himself and taking reverse-hormonal pills so that he would no longer have any homosexual urges. I would have been willing to just fight it, till I'm old and my sexual drive is gone, and just marry a woman who's a widower, and we'll get married in the temple and it's gonna be awesome. My mom said, ' Maybe you'll just get married when you're 70! I told them, ' This is not of God.' That was the very first time when I thought, ' This may not be the true church.'" Benji decided to leave the Mormon church last year.As per the show's competitive structure at the time, couples were assigned new partners each week after week five; Schwimmer subsequently partnered with Danny Tidwell, Neil Haskell and Pasha Kovalev before being named to the season's Top 4 Finalist.Historically, Lacey Schwimmer is among a group of ten dancers to have advanced through their respective seasons to the finales without finishing a single episode in jeopardy of elimination (others so designated include Donyelle Jones, Katee Shean, Jakob Karr, Ashleigh Di Lello, Evan Kasprzak, Kent Boyd, Marko Germar, and champions of seasons 2, 4, and 8 respectively, Benji Schwimmer, Joshua Allen, and Melanie Moore).Schwimmer joined her fellow season 3 contestants in the So You Think You Can Dance's 2007 dance tour, which began in Albany, New York. I sat sixth row center for most of the time and took crazy pictures of the top 10 dancers — Ivan, Travis, Heidi, Benji, Donyelle, Dmitri, Natalie, Martha, Allison, and Ryan. I had so much fun watching all of the performances LIVE that they danced on the show and some of the new routines they threw in.