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To make it work, however, a certain chemistry is required.

Get it wrong and the resulting album will bomb along with the careers of those involved; get it right and it can define an era.

even the weather was a little different.’ But it was the street and nightlife style he encountered that had the biggest impact. ‘I was feeling the freedom of expression totally, and the eccentricity that was accepted.

In France, if you are dressed in some different way than the classical code, you are looked at as Mr Nobody, like a freak.’ And so a fashion aesthetic that took Paris, then the world, by storm was born – a celebration of rebellion and difference that earned Gaultier the ‘enfant terrible’ title.

Highlights are now gloriously assembled in this vast retrospective, which also takes in his work for film and stage, his furniture design, his Spitting Image puppet (which he now proudly owns), and even his famous teddy bear Nana, on whom, as a boy growing up in the Paris suburbs, he tried out everything from open heart surgery to his first conical bra design.

With Gaultier, it has always been bourgeois respectability be damned; instead, he’s defiantly honoured different types of beauty with no age, ethnic or body shape boundaries.

I loved it already in the train, because they have the sandwiches that are different from ours,’ he says in the heavily accented, enthusiastically off-kilter English that anyone who watched him on 1990s TV series Eurotrash will know and love.

‘Everything was different: the architecture, the bricks, the colours…

While producers rely on starry singers to bring a little pizzazz to their CVs, singers hope that a new producer will afford them a cutting-edge cool that will ensure commercial and critical success.PARIS--Jean-Paul Gaultier’s couture shows are always incredibly fun.Not only is the production grandiose, but the crème de la crème of Paris is always there, too--Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Paul Goude, you name it.The film, released theatrically in the UK in June 2011, starred Noel Clarke, James D'Arcy, Frank Harper and Kate Magowan. In 2000 he started work as an Idents and Promos director for the BBC's BBC Choice TV station, then in February 2003 he co-founded feature film production company Kingsway Films.From 2003 to 2005 Traviss worked on his directorial debut for the big screen Joy Division, a fictionalised biopic which he wrote with Rosemary Mason, based on real life events set in the last months of World War II and the early years of the Cold War.